Best of Beaches by Ponte Vedra Recorder

Thank you so much for being a valued client of PRIM SALON!

We are SO excited to announce we have been nominated in multiple categories for Ponte Vedra Recorder’s BEST OF 2023 Competition!!!

Please help us win the top spot for all of 2023 by following the link below and clicking NOMINATE to secure our Nomination!

You can do this for EACH of the multiple categories we have been nominated for!

Thank you for choosing us and supporting us all this time!

Vote and tell your friends to vote too!  This is a big deal for your community 🙂




Here are screenshots of the actual website to make it easier for and to guide you on how to vote for PRIM SALON! Remember to click on NOMINATE and fill in all the information! Thank you again for your support for PRIM SALON!